Learn to Run Forex Trading Strategy

Short-term forex trading strategies can be very profitable, but also have a high enough risk level. In this case, not the amount of potential loss, but because the loss could happen in minutes to one day. Unlike long-term strategies, where a trader can be more relaxed, short-term trading requires a higher level of concentration. To be successful, you must understand and fully understand the risk-reward ratio in every transaction, in more detail than long-term trading, for that you can choose tolearn it first from the Vortex assets website. You are not only required to be able to detect any opportunities that arise, but also must be prepared to deal with sudden changes in price movements. For that, this time we will learn about the basics of recognizing opportunities and how to use them.

There are some basic concepts that you must understand and of course mastered to be able to do short-term trading.


In addition to indicators, patterns of price movements commonly called price pattern – has long been shown to provide clues to the potential for further market movement. Although not 100% accurate (the accuracy “only” about 70%), but we know that a combination with good risk management can provide satisfactory results. You can learn more deeply through the Vortex assets website.

You do not have to memorize any type of pattern. Just recognize some popular patterns, such as head and shoulders, triangle, double top and double bottom.

Keep it simple!

Keep analyzing with the simplest method possible. … Read More